Mummy blogging

Jan 30, 2013

An entry from Word of the Year 2012

You might think that this mummy blogging is a peripheral activity of small moment but think again. There are an estimated 300 mummy bloggers in Australia by one account, and they have created a new genre of blogs which are appraised, given awards in some cases, and offered money for advertising. This last causes some anxiety because the whole thing about the mummy blog is that it is one mummy talking honestly, openly, amusingly to all the other mummies out there, and the thought that this innocence might be corrupted by advertising money is horrifying. Mummy bloggers were among the various online women writers invited to have morning tea with Julia Gillard in 2012. In a discussion of this event it emerged that not everyone is happy with the label ‘mummy blogger’ which to some seems to be a bit of a put-down. Indeed in general blogs by outsiders to the media and publishing world have to fight to be taken seriously.

mummy blog

noun a blog which aims to share the thoughts and experiences of motherhood.

mummy bloggernoun

Usage: Note that the use of the word mummy may cause offence in this context as it appears to be patronising and to trivialise the work of these bloggers.

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