Do you suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome?

Jan 22, 2013

An entry from Word of the Year 2012

It is remarkable how many of us seem to experience this at some point or other and so psychologists are now attempting to come to grips with it. There is even a book called iDisorder (pub. 2012) by Larry Rosen (U.S psychologist)  which offers advice on how to deal with this obsession. He defines an iDisorder as ‘any psychological disorder that appears to be either caused by or potentially exacerbated by your relationship with the media and technology.’ Rosen thinks that the PPVS (our acronym) comes from anticipatory anxiety so that any chance sensation of the body will be quickly interpreted by the brain as possibly, just possibly, the phone vibration. The problem is that this anxiety about the phone takes us away from other things that we should be enjoying – dinner, a movie, company of friends. We are never quite there because we are always thinking ‘will the phone ring?’ 

If this is you, let us know.

phantom vibration syndrome

noun a syndrome characterised by constant anxiety in relation to one's mobile phone and an obsessional conviction that the phone has vibrated in response to an incoming call when in fact it hasn't. 

Also, phantom phone vibration syndrome.

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