Oct 01, 2013

The bane of every writer’s life! The problem is that we see what we are expecting to see, not what is actually there, particularly if we are caught up in the writing process and most of our brain is preoccupied with the meaning of what we are writing. It takes a particular style of reading to pick up typos, a reading in which you confine yourself to the surface of the page and not engage in the meaning of the text. If the type is bigger than 12 pt then anything can happen as the Victoria Police Commissioner discovered recently when he unveiled a plaque at a new police station at Mooroopna, a small town near Shepparton. Unfortunately the plaque had “Moorpoopna”. Typos can be very amusing (‘scared cows’ for ‘sacred cows’) or appear to have a significance (‘The Awful Government of Russia’ as opposed to ‘The Lawful Government of Russia’). They are fun in someone else’s text. I just don’t want them in my own.

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