Not Happy Jan

Dec 08, 2011

This week Susan Butler and Robbie Buck @702sydney (ABC Evening Show) talked about the popularity of Movember and invited their audience to create sponsorship names based on months of the year.

They came up with:


Not Happy Jan - people have to pay if they are caught not smiling in the month of January

Ban the Tan in Jan - no sunbaking in January

MARTch - people have to buy art in the month of March

March into Fitness - people wear pedometers and are sponsored for the kilometres they clock up in March

The Rides of March - all the sponsored pushbike rides are dealt with in March

April showers - people are sponsored for the days in April they go without a shower and save water

Empty Tray May - people are fined for having something in the In Tray in May


What are your suggestions?

This article was originally posted on our Facebook page.

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)


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