The Great Australian Spelling Book

Nov 01, 2015

In stores November 1, 2015

Introducing The Great Australian Spelling Book, the official companion to The Great Australian Spelling Bee, the hit TV series from Network TEN. Written by the Macquarie Dictionary editors, The Great Australian Spelling Book provides a comprehensive and fun guide to better spelling, and is perfect for parents and teachers helping children of all ages learn to spell.  
The Great Australian Spelling Book covers all the tricky aspects of spelling and gives guidance on how to tackle them, including:  
      • Spelling rules
      • Silent letters
      • Homophones
      • doubling letters
      • Guide to sounds & spelling
      • Grammar & punctuation guide
      • Words from other languages
      • Common prefixes & suffixes
      • Guide to spelling competitions
      • Activities & exercises
Now available in stores or online

The Macquarie Dictionary is Australia's national dictionary and is regarded as the standard reference on Australian English. Macquarie has been involved in spelling bees for over 20 years and is proud to be the official dictionary of The Great Australian Spelling Bee.
Full media release available for download below.


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