Winning Word of the Year 2010

Feb 02, 2011

The Committee's choice for Word of the Year 2010 is: 

noun a person with the same name as oneself, whose online references are mixed with one's own among search results for one's name.

Sue Butler, Editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, said of the choice, “The committee thought that googleganger, based on doppelganger, was a witty coinage, and that it provides a glimpse of how we live our private lives in the days of the internet. No-one can resist the temptation to key in their own name in the search box and see who pops up.”

The Committee would like to give honourable mentions to the following:

noun a plastic horn (def. 13), up to one metre in length, which emits a loud buzzing sound; commonly played in South Africa by fans at soccer games.

And the People's Choice Award, as voted by the public, goes to:

noun (plural shockumentaries
1. a documentary film or television show featuring footage of accidents or violence.
2. a documentary film or television show which gives damaging information about government bodies, industries, etc., often presented in such a way as to magnify the inherent shock value of the facts.

To see all the fascinating words that were under consideration this year, click on the category links below. The most popular words in each category were:

Agriculture: aquaponics
Art, Literature, Theatre: shockumentary
Business: presenteeism
Colloquial: gym bunny
Communications: fauxmance
Computing: email fatigue / googleganger
Crops: superfood
Environment: flying cane toad
Fashion: vajazzle
Eating and Drinking: screwage
General Interest: vuvuzela
Health: binge listening
Internet: camel case
Politics: sandbagging
Psychology: neurosexism
Social Interest: self-gift
Sport: rail trail
Technology: pocket-dial

Check out some of the media coverage in response to the choice of googleganger

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