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Aug 14, 2013

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After a two week search for SA’s new favourite word, ‘onesie’ has been crowned winner and been accepted by Macquarie Dictionary.

The word, chosen by voters in an Advertiser poll as part of Word Adelaide festival, refers to an ‘all-in-one’ outfit and has made it into everyday language.

Word Adelaide Event Director Brian Gilbertson said SA was clearly on the mark with what new words were being used in everyday conversations.

"’Onesie’ was a clear winner from our poll and to have this affirmed by Macquarie Dictionary accepting it suggests we’re onto a good thing," Mr Gilbertson said.

Macquarie Dictionary editor Susan Butler said the word ‘onesie’ would be included in the online dictionary this year and later in the printed seventh edition of the Macquarie Dictionary.

"As Editor of the Macquarie Dictionary I am always delighted when a new word is identified," Ms Butler said.

"In this case it has been handed to us on a platter by the participants in the Word Adelaide festival poll, and we are suitably grateful.

"Perhaps, as Editor, I should take to wearing a dictionary onesie for special occasions. Perhaps that is a very bad idea, but, whatever my dress code, the word will now appear in the annual update of the Macquarie Dictionary online at the end of the year, and will undoubtedly be a candidate for the winner of the Fashion section of the Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year when the voting starts next January."

Word Adelaide kicks off tomorrow and goes until Sunday 18 held at venues across the city. It will celebrate the art of conversation and the power of words.

Visit for all the details and to buy tickets.

Word Adelaide is proudly owned and managed by Events South Australia, a division of the South Australian Tourism Commission.

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