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/ˈpræktəs/ (say 'praktuhs)

noun 1.  habitual or customary performance: normal business practice.

2.  a habit or custom.

3.  repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency: practice makes perfect.

4.  skill gained by experience or exercise.

5.  the action or process of performing or doing something (opposed to theory or speculation).

6.  the exercise of a profession or occupation, especially law or medicine.

7.  the business of a professional person: a doctor with a large practice.

8. Law the established method of conducting legal proceedings.

9. (usually plural) Obsolete a plot or intrigue.

verb (t), verb (i) (practiced, practicing)
10. USpractise.

adjective 11.  of or relating to an attempt which is undertaken merely to develop skill, refresh one's memory, etc.: a practice shot.

phrase 12. be common practice, to be what is usually done.

13. make a practice of, to do something habitually or usually.

14. sharp practice, deceitful or dishonest dealing or procedure; trickery.

[noun use of practise (verb), substituted for earlier practic (noun)]