Word for Word #6 Toorak tractors & sausage sandwiches

Dec 07, 2016

It's the question that sparked debate around the country: what do you call a sausage in a piece of bread? Your answer will likely reveal your roots, as the Macquarie team goes beyond bathers vs. cossies to explore Australian regionalisms.

Also: Sue Butler reveals the secret histories behind some uniquely Australian turns of phrase, and we get closer to nature in search of favourite words.

Join us as we explore our language: the ways we use it, the ways we abuse it, and the ways we ultimately change it.

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Favourite words

Thanks to the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club for their favourite words (and phrases): counterintuitive, awesome, to be honest, alive, gooby, baba ganoush, beauty, scenery, nature

Additional links

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Australian Word Map


Word for Word is produced by Kate Sherington for Macquarie Dictionary and Pan Macmillan Australia.

Thanks are due to Sue Butler, Victoria Morgan, Melissa Kemble, Adrik Kemp and the whole team at Macquarie. Thanks also to the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club for their favourite words. 

Music used in this episode is by Broke For Free, available from the Free Music Archive and used by permission of the artist. Find more music by Broke for Free including The Gold Lining; and If. All sound effects are public domain or via Soundsnap, Pond5, and Stockmusic.com with the exception of village atmos (ref 269759), splash (ref 25820), playing a tune (ref 273714), swimming pool (ref 172770), and sausages sizzling (ref 185446) all licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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