Word for Word #17 Good doggo

Oct 24, 2017

Buckle up for a wild ride down the Information Superhighway, and into Cyberspace, where language moves faster than we can catch it. While the dictionary team reflects on the technology words of the past, our resident internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch fights the good fight on hyphenated email; Adrik and Kate look for favourite words at Oz Comic-Con; and we discover a brand new language online, all for the love of dogs (it's h*ckin good).

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Favourite words

Thanks to the attendees of Oz Comic Con for their favourite words: conundrum, katana, galaxy, patootie, ampersand, photosynthesis

And their least favourite word: tulip

Additional links

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On the Macquarie Dictionary blog:

How our interactions with animals affect language

The decline of the hyphen

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Word for Word is produced by Kate Sherington for Macquarie Dictionary and Pan Macmillan Australia.

Thanks in this episode are due to Gretchen McCulloch and to Dr Ben Schuster of Daily Doggo.

Read more about Gretchen's fortchoming book, Because Internet, here

Thanks also to Oz Comic-Con.

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