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noun the edible fruit of the melon Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis, having a hard, usually ribbed and netted rind, and orange-coloured flesh. Compare cantaloupe.
Contributor's comments: Only ever heard this used when in Sydney and talking about cantaloupes.

Editor's comments: What is this fruit called elsewhere in Australia? Is Victoria the only place where "cantaloupe" is used?

Contributor's comments: I learned rockmelon in Mildura, and first heard canteloupe on "To Market To Market" with Desley Blanch on ABC TV before the 7pm news. Then it seemed to get a grip in Victoria!

Contributor's comments: One of the largest supermarket chains in Perth (Woolies) no longer sells "rockmelon"; the pre-printed tags all say "cantaloupe"!!!!

Contributor's comments: Woolworths in Perth may put tags on them which say "cantaloupe", but in WA I've only ever heard people call them "rockmelons"

Contributor's comments: Still the most common word in WA.

Contributor's comments: [Sydney informant] I've only ever known it as Rockmelon.

Contributor's comments: Only known as rockmelon in Adelaide. I only discovered a few years ago that cantoloupe was synonymous with rockmelon.