Each week we bring you a new, unique Aussie word.


1. an attempt. I'll give anything a go. Hence the great Aussie barracking cry: Have a go ya mug!

2. a fight. When the rival fans met in the pub, boy, then you'd see some goes. Commonly found in that great Aussie challenge to fisticuffs, Do you want a go, mate? Hence, as a verb, to attack, as in I was itching to go him.

3. an opportunity fit for taking. Here's a go! A fair chance, as in There's no chance of getting a go here.

4. to say, as in So I go to him, `Shut your face!' Used mostly by schoolkids, but also common in the speech of ethnic Australians. Kylie Mole of the 1980s hit TV show The Comedy Company was a past master at this idiom: Mum went to me that Dino went to her to go to me that he isn't wif Amanda anymore.

5. to eat or drink with pleasure. I could really go a beer right now.

6. a goanna. You should have seen that go go! A great example of the Aussie penchant for abbreviation.